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Rhythm Moves is a worldwide hub for cultural arts performance, rare instrument demonstrations and world drumming group instruction. It is the online spot to connect with musician and educator Daniel Scruggs, who works to promote cross-cultural respect and understanding, as well as invoke a lifelong love of learning, curiosity and peace. All of the Rhythm Moves programs guarantee a one-of-a-kind experience for all who participate. Each event offered provides a complete package for your specific venue and population - instruments, instruction, educational, engaging and fun musical and cultural activities from around the world. Recreational music making is a proven way to build group cohesion, individual empowerment and, holistic well-being.  We team with professional performing arts educators to provide the highest quality performances, demonstrations and workshops.  The Sound Journey experience offers an immersion into a tranquil sound bath of meditative and deep-vibrational instruments from around the world.  


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Rhythm Moves offers a variety of enrichment opportunities for all ages using rhythm, cultural arts and engaging educational programming. The classes range from 45 minute recreational music making and drum circles, half day workshops and eight week, weekly and bi-weekly immersion programs. These experiences are guaranteed to be engaging, inclusive, educationally enriching and fun. All classes are custom tailored to meet the needs of the participants and setting.
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  • Introduction to World Rhythms for Kids (Ages 8-13)
  • Introduction to World Rhythms (Ages 14 to Adult)
  • Empowerment Drumming and Poetry for at Risk Youth (Elementary School)
  • Empowerment Drumming and Poetry for at Risk Youth (Middle and High School)
  • Fun with Rhythm and Instruments (ages 3-6)
  • Rhythm, Instruments, Geography (ages 6-9)
  • Rhythm, Instruments, Geography and Cultures (ages 9-12)
  • Rhythms from Africa to America (Elementary, Middle, High School)
  • Saying and Playing Rhythm Introduction (Elementary, Middle, High School)
  • Rhythm and Movement - Introduction to Capoeira (Elementary, Middle, High School)
  • Drumming with Senior Citizens (Offered at Senior Living Centers)
  • Soundscapes and Introduction to Meditational Instruments and Rhythms

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  • Breath Control and Meditation for Beginners
  • Using World Rhythms In the Classroom
  • Sound Journey : An Overview of Organic and Indigenous Instruments of the World
  • Afro-Brazilian Capoeira: Movements, Music, Instruments, History, Tradition
  • Constructing, Decorating and Playing the Australian Didgeridoo
  • An Overview of Various Mindfulness Techniques for Classroom Educators
  • Evolution of Rhythm and Dance from Africa to United States (with Meoleaeke Jones)
  • Stretching, Warming Up and Balance Practice for Diverse Movement and Recreation
  • Introduction to Rudimentary Snare Drumming and Marching
  • Rhythm, Mathematics and Patterns
  • Creating a Holistic Lifestyle - Starting Where You Are Now

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Drum Together offers the ability for over fifty participants to take part in a fully facilitated rhythm making experience, using professional quality, full sized “djembe” style drums.  Daniel has over twenty five years drumming experience, is a Remo HealthRhythms trained facilitator, and has traveled throughout the US and internationally with Catalyst Team Building Company’s “Beat Works” group music making program.  He regularly works with populations ranging in age from early elementary to senior citizens.  His personal collection of drums and professional percussion instruments is able to easily allow for up to 65 persons to participate, and his method of instruction is engaging, inclusive and guaranteed to be fun for all!  

Mission Statement: I use musical instruments, culture, rhythm and an inclusive spirit to increase peaceful awareness, inner strength and respect among people.
Music Making / Classes: We offer a variety of educational and recreational enrichment opportunities. The classes range from 45 minute recreational music making and drum circles, half day workshops and eight week, weekly and bi-weekly immersion programs. These experiences are guaranteed to be engaging, inclusive, educationally enriching and fun. All classes are custom tailored to meet the needs of the participants and setting. Offering single sessions, to weekly and monthly ongoing programs.
Recreational Music Making Offers Many Benefits: Unites people of all ages, backgrounds and ethnicity-Offers a creative outlet of self-expression-Builds coordination & dexterity-Activates multiple regions of the brain-Improves general well-being and quality of life-Empowers individuals through group participation.

Sacred Sound Journey

CONSCIOUS AND UPLIFTING VIBRATIONS Daniel Scruggs has performed, traveled and studied instruments and culture throughout the United States and abroad. Through Sacred Sound Journey he uses compassionate intuition, positive intention and over twenty five years as a professional musician to craft meditative soundscapes on a variety of rare and sacred instruments. He offers his love of music, sound and culture as an augmentation to traditional...(CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE)

About The Instructor

  about DanielInstructor Daniel Scruggs loves musical instruments and is fascinated by the different cultures that created them. He has spent over 25 years studying different forms of music and culture and serves as a performer, educator and advocate for music and cultural studies in education, recreation and, healthcare.  Daniels experiences have led him to believe that music making and cultural understanding play an integral part of an individuals holistic well-being. He has developed and facilitated music programs in public and private schools, community centers, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, substance abuse treatment centers, senior centers, large scale festivals, parties, and corporate team building events. He has spent substantial time in North and South America, Asia, Europe, Africa and the Caribbean Islands, studying and learning with many diverse cultures.   Daniel uses rhythmic movement, meditation, breathing exercises and elements of yoga in his classes to give participants an array of practical skills that they can take away and use to benefit the well-being of their day to day lives.  Daniel performs on over a dozen organic and indigenous instruments from a vast collection collected throughout the world.      
Experience: Daniel’s Teaching is rooted in a collection of various educational and cultural experiences.  He holds a degree in sociology from Virginia Commonwealth University -  -Graduate of the Colonial Williamsburg Fife and Drum Corps   -Completed Remo HealthRhythms Recreational Music Facilitator Training   -Completed Satchadananda Ashram LYT (Living Yoga Training) Program    -Presenter at MEPI (Montessori Educational Programs International) Conference -Traveled nationally and internationally with Catalyst Events “BeatsWork” as a facilitator for corporate team building events -Teacher with Seacoast Montessori Training Center -Serves as an educator with Seacoast Montessori Training Center -Completed Vapassana Meditation Training -First aid and CPR certified -An former educator and partner with Boys and Girls Club, Americorps, and WINGS for Kids   -Completed “New Warrior Training” and is active in the ManKind Project   -World wide traveler and ethnomusicologist  -Lifelong surfer and avid water-man  




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An article from Charleston Daily Magazine

You can often hear Daniel Scruggs before you see him. I’ve followed the sound of his drumming and turned to find him helping yet another Charleston child join a loud and joyous drum circle. With his expertise, the rhythm is kept well enough that the novices don’t ruin a thing. And when Daniel is playing drums in Charleston, he’s doing so having brought parts of the world back with him. From Mexico, Egypt, Indonesia, Yemen, Ethiopia, to Brazil… Scruggs has made a career of his talent, friendliness and travel to both perform and teach drumming. When it comes to drums, Daniel had a colorful (and dutiful) start. He began in The Colonial Williamsburg Fife and Drum Corps at age ten, learning the marches and techniques of the actual colonial musicians and Early drumming in Colonial Williamsburg Early drumming in Colonial Williamsburg playing both snare and bass drum. He went on to study jazz drumming, sociology and anthropology in college and eventually, drumming led to the Brazilian martial art Capoeira. Training for years here with a talented Brazilian, Scruggs eventually came to join the oldest continuous group out of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, The Bonfim/Chocote de Couro Group. He travels there frequently for training with the other members and its “Grand Master”; a man named Claudionor. (CLICK HERE TO READ MORE)

An article from Charleston City Paper

In a sense, Charleston's Daniel Scruggs has led several lives. He's a teacher at Mt. Pleasant's Sundrops Montessori School, but he's also spent over two decades studying percussion, starting with his time with the Colonial Williamsburg Fife and Drum Corps in Virginia. He's also a world traveler, having visited Ethiopia and Egypt and living for a time in Yemen. What's fascinating is that Scruggs has been able to bring all of those passions together thanks to a young boy named Francis Yevuga from a village in Ghana, West Africa. Yevuga suffers from progressive blindness, and he came to America in 2015 on a medical visa, partially due to the hard work of Project Okurase, a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating collaborative, sustainable, and integrated solutions to help the women and children of Africa build sustainable lives. Their focus is on health and nutrition, water and sanitation, education and technology, building and energy sources, and economic self-sufficiency. The young boy stayed with Project Okurase co-founder Dr. Cynthia Swenson in Charleston while receiving medical treatment for his illness and attended Sundrops Montessori, where he met Daniel Scruggs. Yevuga, 12 years old at the time, had never attended school due to his blindness and the lack of resources in his village of Okurase, but he'd spent his short life studying with Ghanaian master drummer Dr. Samuel "Powerful" Yeboah. During his 10 months in the U.S., Yevuga and Scruggs developed such a strong musical bond that Scruggs felt compelled to visit Yevuga's village to spend time with their master drummers. "My time with Francis was the original catalyst that led me to the village, and it opened up some different perspectives," Scruggs says. "I'd been to Africa a few times but I hadn't been to West Africa, and being a student of drumming and knowing that the music of a lot of different cultural styles originated there, it was really heavy for me. Being immersed in the drum-making tradition and being surrounded by people playing a really high caliber of music even at a young age, it just really inspired me to want to take my understanding of their rhythms to another level." (CLICK HERE TO READ MORE)


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